In this episode, I speak with Dr. Rosenna Bakari. Dr. Bakari founded Talking Trees, Inc., the only international organization that focused exclusively on empowering adults who experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18. She has trained preservice teachers and counselors at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

0:02 Welcome

0:37 Introduction of Dr. Rosenna Bakari. 

3:45 Share your journey of getting where you are, and how you’re able to help others. 

4:23 Dr. Bakari sharing her story. 

13:26 Unpacking survivorship of child sexual assault.  

17:23 Finding community after experiencing trauma. 

26:22 For anyone who’s listening, can you share about ACE’s and shed some light on what it is for listeners who may not know. 

30:07 What do you say to those survivors who are afraid or feel like they’re beyond that help? 

36:31 Talking about Dr. Bakari’s community and how people are engaging in it.

46:57 Is that a program that you do regularly, like your eight week program that you were talking about?  

51:50 How can people connect with Dr. Bakari? 

53:01 Wrap up. 

53:49 Outro 

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