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EP 16 Online Abuse & What Parents Need To Know

If you have kids, whether they are five, ten, tweens or teens, this episode is a must-listen!
We’re talking all about internet safety solutions and all of the aspects of how to keep kids safe including what to do if your kids have already been exposed to explicit materials as well as predators.

EP 15 Parenting with PTSD

CSA survivors experience a range of mental, physical and emotional wellness issues throughout their lives due to the traumas in their history. Parenting becomes a layer of extraordinary relief as well as pain. It can be a wonderful experience as well as a triggering, anxiety-producing experience.

EP 14 How Devoting Ourselves To Ourselves Heals

In order to achieve wholeness, wellness and enjoy life to it’s very fullest, we need to heal our traumas in our emotional, mental and physical bodies. This is why a holistic approach to healing is so important.