This week’s guest, Diana R Diaz is a powerful speaker, mental health advocate and the founder of The RAWW Network as well as the owner of YSTT Academy. She is a proud Mexican-America who is creating deep impact in her community and beyond!

It is a human need to be seen and heard, to be acknowledged as a valuable and worthy being for our simple act of being. But trauma can make us feel and think that we don’t have worth, and that we should not be seen and that our voice should not be heard. This is where the power of sharing your story, speaking up and voicing your questions, concerns and yes, sometimes, even traumas, can have a profoundly positive impact.

Through story telling we can help others connect and realize that they’re not alone, that we have common experiences that we thought were ‘it’s just me’ perspectives.

Diana, founder of The RAWW Network and Your Story To Tell Academy joins me to talk about:

– How we can shift our conversations about mental health in the Latinx community

– How anxiety, depression and other expressions of our mental health can be rooted in trauma

– How RAWW got started and has evolved to support women through it’s 5 pillars

– Motherhood and postpartum challenges, including triggers, and how talking about the struggles is important

– How cracking open tough taboo topics lead to supportive community + healing

– How storytelling can help us reclaim our voice

– How public speaking allows women to represent and become more visible, particularly for BIPOC, to be seen and heard in the mainstream.

– How support comes from the most unlikely of places.

– What it takes to go after your dreams.

I hope this episode inspires and motivates you to take action in your life to step into your healing and to begin thriving through reclaiming your VOICE!

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