If you have kids, whether they are five, ten, tweens or teens, this episode is a must-listen!

We’re talking all about internet safety solutions and all of the aspects of how to keep kids safe including what to do if your kids have already been exposed to explicit materials as well as predators.

This is a topic that gets overlooked and shy’d away from because it feels overwhelming.

But the good news is that there are ways to help our kids navigate the online space safety.

This is why I’m so excited about this week’s guest! I had the pleasure of interviewing Titania Joran who is the CMO and Chief Parent Officer of Bark.us, an internet safety solution that helps parents and schools keep children safer across social media, text messaging, and email. As the former host of NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA’s weekly television show Atlanta Tech Edge, Titania has the honor of covering the latest in tech news and talent across both the city and the globe. Past roles also include serving as the CMO of KidsLink, co-founder and CMO of PRIVET, and Executive Director of Band of Coders Girls Academy. Titania travels the country serving as a tech expert and was named a tech innovator and a mother of invention by The Atlantan in 2015. Titania is mom to a tween son.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discuss in this powerful episode:

  • The dangers that kids face today online and what parents should know
  • What parents need to teach their kids if they have online access and social media apps
  • How parents can talk to kids about online safety
  • The accessibility that predators have to kids and what parents can do
  • What steps a parent can/should take if a child has already been exposed to a predator

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