Are you an insomniac like I used to be? I have always considered myself a night owl and insomniac. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that my bad sleeping patterns were connected to how nighttime was a time of fear and insecurity for me, and it was better for me to be awake than asleep, so I could be on guard. I am not an insomniac by nature (non of us are!). And my lack of sleep created unhealthy conditions that messed with my mind and my mood.

Sleep is more valuable than we give credit for. In particular, when it comes to healing our traumas, sleep has the power to restore our mental wellness as a part of our healing process.

This is one of the reasons I invited my guest Meredith Louden on to the show. Meredith helps people with insomnia learn how to fall asleep without the use of drugs or tricks. She is the founder of Healing Insomnia from Within. She’s developed an effective strategy for regaining the ability to fall asleep easily, quickly, and consistently, using the fundamental understandings of how the brain actually works.

I know this episode seems oddly related to CONSENT, but you’ll understand the connections when you listen! Enjoy and be sure to share your feedback on your favorite takeaways!
You can connect with Meredith  and her work at:









https://www.youtube.com/channel/Meredith Louden





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