In this episode, I speak with Sarah Casper of Comprehensive Consent about the importance of teaching consent to parents, and how they can teach that to their children. We focus on the topic of consent in the media, and how it is portrayed.

Episode Notes:

0:00 – Intro

0:38 – Introduction of guest

4:05 – Importance of parents teaching and practicing consent

8:54 – Nuances of consent

13:39 – Helping parents feel more at ease teaching consent

19:37 – Teaching adults consent/setting boundaries

26:06 – AD

26:55 – Starting practicing consent early

29:06 – Consent and the media

36:23 – Learning to communicate

39:26 – Communicating consent in relationships

48:19 – Connecting with Comprehensive Consent

51:24 – Closing

Links Mentioned:

Sarah’s IG: @comprehensiveconsent


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