Episode Summary

Children are at growing risk for CSA because the world remains silent on this issue. But I believe that 2022 is the year that we can break ground and finally bring this issue to the forefront.

We cannot be silent as a society, within different cultures, in our communities, with our families, and with our kids.

If we are to truly solve this issue we MUST TALK ABOUT IT.

We must address this and tack the issue HEAD ON!

Are you with me? If you said yes, then this episode will give you the first clues about how to get started.

Episode Notes

In this episode, this call to arms even, I invite you to get brave and talk about this global issue with the people in your child’s life, and if you don’t have kids, to talk to the adults in your life who DO have kids.

We discuss my 50/50 rule to help solve this problem as a parent.

And I share some sobering statistics so that you can share them with your communities. AND I also talk about why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you prioritize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, today more than ever- and how that relates to the safety of the children in your life.

I also share some exciting news about an organization I’m honored to be part of that is creating a movement that will help create the change and the impact that I talk about in this episode.

I invite you to tune in, get inspired, motivated, and determined to join forces with me so we can FINALLY end child sexual abuse.

It may sound like a big goal, but WE CAN DO THIS- if we do it TOGETHER!

Are you with me?

Below you can find the links to the articles and statistics that I reference in the episode.

I also invite you to reach out with any questions you might have if you’d like to do more.

Here’s to a groundbreaking 2022!

Links Mentioned In Episode:

WeProtect Global Alliance https://www.weprotect.org/

NewsHub New Zealand https://www.newshub.co.nz

Epidemeologist Katelyn Jetelina report https://watermark.silverchair.com

Canadian Centre for Child Protection July Report https://protectchildren.ca

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