It’s misunderstood and underreported. CSA (child sexual abuse) is thought to be a crime against girls, but it’s also a problem faced by boys and it’s grossly overlooked. We must speak up collectively and unanimously. Jeremy Indika is using his voice to do so and in a powerful way!


In this episode, we talk about Jeremy’s story, how he confronted his abuser, what happened when he did, what it led to, and how that experience has moved him to continue being an advocate.

Jeremy’s story is one of courage and defiance. It’s a story of how we can look at our toxic masculinity culture and challenge it to dismantle it.

This episode is not just for male survivors, but for parents of children of all genders so we can all better understand how abuse can happen and how to protect ALL children.

I highly encourage you to check out all of Jeremy’s work.


Jeremy is a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse. He spoke out for the first time when he was 27 years old, which was just short of 20 years after the abuse happened. He now speaks publicly and creates content online using film, photography and illustration, in an attempt to bring more attention to the subject. He truly believes the silence can be broken’


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