Erin Merryn joins me to talk about Erin’s Law that mandates schools to provide body safety education for grades K-12 in the United States. 38 states have passed the law and in this episode we talk about why she became a champion for schools to teach this education and what the results have been since passing the law in those states. She shares her own personal story of survival, and leadership.

Time Stamps:

0:02 Intro

2:30 What Is Erin’s Law

7:10 Erin’s Story of Abuse

9:33 Erin’s diary as an outlet for anger

14:13 When predators are getting away with abusing one child

16:45 Children’s advocacy centers

23:20 What did his sister do?

30:14 Erin’s Law in Ohio

33:26 What’s the fear of Planned Parenthood

38:16 What can parents do to advocate for this law

41:18 The importance of writing a letter to your legislator

46:53 Principals’ lunch buddies program

49:56 If the law is not passed, this is what needs to be talked about in schools

56:24 What parents can do to reduce the risk of sexual abuse

Links Mentioned:

Erin’s Law Website

Erin Merryn’s Website

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