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What would you do if you witnessed a family member being sexually abused?

Yamisel Pence found her calling when she had to answer that very question.

In this episode, Yami shares with us her journey as a police officer, ICAC, SVU detective, and then as an educator to parents.

Some cases have a positive outcome where the abused child can receive the support they need. It is never too late to report, just like in the Josh Duggar case. However negative outcome cases happen too often.

Why is that? Sometimes it has to do with how the parent responds to a child’s accusation. Yami’s goal is to teach parents on how to respond, pick up on grooming signs, and what questions to ask so their child can feel safe.

About Yami Pence:

Yami Pence is a former Internet Crimes Against Children, Child Exploitation, and Special Victims Unit Detective from South Florida, who currently educates parents, schools, and churches on how to Keep Our Kids Safe from abuse on the internet and in real life.

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