Trauma can be hugely disruptive in our lives. Trauma early in life has a deep impact on our foundations and capacity to cope with the challenges we face in life.
Building a strong core becomes essential to building resilience, but how does one do that when they don’t have the tools and were not taught those tools?
TW: This episode contains discussions on domestic and sexual violence and loss. Please take care of your mental wellness.
In this episode, Arlene Salcedo talks about her journey from witnessing domestic violence, sexual trauma in her teens, the loss of a child in her 20’s, to finally tapping into her own inner wisdom, power, and awakening.
Arlene’s transcendence from trauma to empowered healer has been a testament to the strength of the human spirit and one that can shine as an example of how we can all step into our own power.

I hope you find that you, too, can step into your own power and reclaim the parts of yourself that may feel like they were damaged, taken, broken or lost. You have the power inside you to heal and overcome your past.


Arlene is a 200 Certified RYT Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner, and Human Design Chart Reader. Arlene is the curator of Luna Soul Wellness; she began healing and teaching through yoga and holistic care. Her passion to support others’ healing journey had always been prevalent. She believes healing and change begin with self-love and self-awareness practices. Her principle approach is to encourage women to learn, embrace, and embody the natural lifestyle, Holistic healing, and self-care so they can live a balanced life and be their own healer.



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