I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Lydiana Garcia. This episode was full of so much gold! We talked about how trauma can be experienced differently and why it’s important to not discount our own.

She also shared some wonderful advice for survivors looking to step into their healing journey and select the path of therapy and how to go about finding the right one.

We talked about how motherhood can trigger trauma history and what survivors can do to find their path to resiliency, including healing the inner child.

Dr. Lydiana Garcia is a Latina licensed psychologist in Los Angeles. She is an expert in teens / young adults, parenting teens, trauma/child abuse/sexual-related traumas. Recently, she has also developed a passion for working with moms that are struggling to manage their own trauma triggers while parenting their children.

Dr. Garcia has received numerous training in evidenced-based modalities that treat trauma; EMDR, Trauma Resiliency Model Level 2, Seeking Safety, and TF-CBT. If you’re interested in receiving individual or family therapy, please go to

www.DrLydianaGarcia.com for more information.

Listen to Dr. Lydiana Garcia’s podcast at: https://www.thebeyondresiliencelife.com/

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