In this episode I talk about the anxiety-reducing strategies I’ve used in the years since I started educating myself about consent and abuse prevention, to teach my kids and step into my healing journey.

I’ve received many requests to talk about coping with the anxiety and fears and sometimes even paranoia around teaching our children about body safety boundaries and consent. Most of the parents that have reached out about this are parents who are survivors themselves. So this episode is dedicated to you- the survivor parent that is dedicated to this cycle-breaking work.


In this episode, I share the 5 key tools I used to help reduce my anxiety so I can do the needed research and work I do to teach abuse prevention and consent education, both to parents and my own children.

These tools have helped me heal, reclaim my power, my sexuality and stay focused on my commitment to my family and the community of parents who depend on this work.

Below are links to the resources I mention in the episode.

I hope it helps you find your path to calm, healing and empowerment!

If you find this episode helpful, please tag me and let me know what your biggest takeaway was and please share it with others!

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